Leading fintech company, Arcus, debuts new payment rail platform, which allows businesses to Unlock New Payment Possibilities by transforming POS retailers into automatic branches for fintechs, neo banks and traditional financial institutions

[Arcus] – Arcus, the leading Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform making fintech possible for everyone, announces the launch of Arcus Pay, a platform through which a network of 60k POS retailers will enable Cash-in and Cash-out transactions for fintech and neobanks’ customers.

Arcus Pay enables fast and easy access to deposits, withdrawals and payment services, providing banking-like services to the unbanked or underbanked population and moving one step closer towards financial inclusion.

  • “Fintechs and neobanks can dramatically increase their services outreach thanks to Arcus Pay and hence improve their customer engagement by providing an exceptional user experience.” – Xabi Valdecantos, VP of Product.
  • “On one hand Arcus Pay eliminates many challenges for merchants, including the high costs associated with handling cash. It’s also an opportunity to increase their potential customer base with more than 104 million people in Mexico in need of accessible banking services. The higher the traffic, the higher the sales. On the other hand, Arcus Pay provides a network of national coverage of POS retailers to fintechs and service providers, which helps them meet their Cash-in and Cash-out needs.” – Rodrigo Treviño, Senior Director of New Businesses.

New purchasing systems are changing the dynamics of how people pay for products and services. Cash and credit cards are being replaced with payments through electronic devices, especially smartphones.

Arcus Pay helps companies provide their customers with the enhanced payment choices they are demanding and consists of the following functionalities:

Cash-in transactions: Cash deposits using QR codes at physical stores and sending money to any account such as neobanks’ wallets.

Cash-out transactions: Cash withdrawals and payments in physical stores with money from a Digital Wallet through QR codes.

  • “Arcus is an ideal partner for our current needs. We’re able to leverage their suite of solutions to provide our customers with an exceptional payments experience.” -Marcos Sandler, Head of Business Development, Rappi.
  • “At Oyster, we’re eliminating the challenges Mexican entrepreneurs and small business owners face when trying to open and manage a bank account. With the help of Arcus’ technology, we’ll be able to make it even easier for our customers to manage their finances directly from their phone, with a simple tap of a button.” – Amanda Jacobson, Chief of Staff, Oyster.

Arcus Pay is available at: https://arcuspay.com/

About Arcus

Arcus is the leading fintech-as-a-service platform making fintech possible for everyone.

The world’s largest and most innovative companies choose Arcus to launch fintech products across the Americas including BBVA, Santander, Walmart, 7-Eleven and Rappi. The company has raised $16M from Y-Combinator, Ignia, Maverick, Winklevoss, Initialized, HOF, Citi Ventures, Softbank and Kapor.